GPON is the highest speed, longest life, lowest cost network infrastructure available in the market. Offering a genuine future‐proof access network with flexibility and upgrade capability well into the future.

This high bandwidth, power saving, and green technology are transforming a wide range of businesses and government agencies. Including mining accommodation camps, hotels and multi-dwelling accommodation, campus-style building layouts, retirement villages, residential and commercial developments, and corporate and high rise buildings.

By using passive splitters GPON enables one single fibre to do what multiple fibres used to… giving the end-user the ability to consolidate multiple services onto a single fibre data network. GPON is also totally scalable without the need to re-cable the network. Systems can be configured for up to thousands of users with multiple OLT chassis.

So as usage trends evolve and end users’ bandwidth requirement grows, GPON enables future upgrade migration without passive Infrastructure replacement. The end result is a future-proofed, customisable, high capacity fibre network for all forms of IP based services, including CCTV & Webcam, Security Systems, Interactive Signage “PIDS”, Video on Demand, High-Speed Internet, PMS Integration, High or Ultra High Definition IPTV, Access Control & Door Entry, VoIP Telephony, Traditional Analogue Telephony, Automated Minibar Systems, POS Terminals, and Wi‐Fi Access Node.