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PC Tune Up

What Progressive will do for you?pc-tune-up

  • Set a system restore point
  • Scans machine for “tunable “options
  • Conducts a hardware assessment
  • Checks for and install operating system updates and patches
  • Disables unused/unnecessary services
  • Cleans up temporary start files
  • Repairs broken links
  • Optimizes System resources, Browsers, Internet access, Disk performance, User Interface
  • Disables/removes unnecessary startup files
  • Provides full report of all changes

How is it done?

  • Progressive takes control of the customer’s PC
  • We install and run System Tune-up application
  • Our tech support team help to run automated tests and optimizes settings
  • We help our customer to schedule Windows Updates
  • We consult with our customers on removing/disabling startup services/startup programs/browser helper objects
  • Our computer support process help you to schedule disk defragmentation, remove unnecessary programs and clean up desktop

After the completion of these steps SE leaves a report on the customer desktop that explains what has been done

Benefits from the System Tune-Up

  • Helps the computer to run fast, as all the computer performance issue is resolved.
  • Improves computer performance based upon specific needs.
  • Our technicians provide solution recommendations to keep computer running faster in future.
  • Education to customers on general PC maintenance
  • Hassle-free PC support
  • Our technicians provide explanations in a straight forward and everyday language.
  • We provide you with an efficient machine that helps you to surf more and complete your work without any hindrance.

The key advantage of this service is that we provide a personalized computer support. At Progressive, you can talk with real person. We provide in-depth explanations to ensure that you understand the changes being made.

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