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PC Setup

Services We Providepc setup

  • Bios/CMOS setup, configuration and upgrade
  • Breaking Bios password and beep codes
  • Outlook Express set-up and troubleshooting
  • CD/DVD driver troubleshooting
  • Enable/Disable Autoplay of CD/DVD drives and USB Drives
  • Troubleshooting video card failure and poor display
  • General Hardware troubleshooting
  • Hard Drive troubleshooting
  • Replacing and resetting
  • Troubleshooting blue screen of death
  • Replacing a CPU and/or power supply
  • Complete Guide To USB Troubleshooting
  • General PC audio troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Device Driver problems and DLL error
  • Removing hardware device and its drivers

We support PC issues starting from basic setup to critical troubleshooting. Our specialized computer support technicians help you install operating systems newly or upgrade from the existing one; download, install and configure software utilities; protect personal set up from malicious attack; plug in and install PC peripherals etc. Our company holds a team to provide you a consistent tech support with newer technologies and updated knowledge-base.

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