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Internet Setup

Are you still waiting to get online? Now, you do not have to wait anymore! Call Progressive and our technicians will give you necessary tech support to set up Internet connection and configure your e-mail. Just call us and get fast computer support and network support wherever you are.

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PC Tune Up

The PC System Tune Up is the best utility for modifying critical system settings on the Microsoft Operating Systems of Windows. It makes sure that you get the best performance possible on your PC. This is often addressed with a term known as "tweaking". Tweaking is an operating system refers to modifying software, hardware and other settings that can affect how an operating system works.

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Network Support

If you have multiple computer systems, setting up a home network will be great option for you to get the most out of your computers and peripherals. You need expert assistance to perform the task perfectly. This is pretty time consuming and arduous as well. In fact, chances are there to mess up with the modems, routers, hubs, switches and cables. Progressive assures you with a reliable network support service that help you understand the network basics. Our service process eliminates the chances of slow data transfer; disrupt connectivity or accidental loss of important records.

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WI-FI Support

A Wi-Fi network is one of the convenient ways to network your home PC's, stream media files or share an internet connection. The network support team of Progressive will help you set up a Wi-Fi network connection. Besides, our system engineers will help you understand what are SSID, WEP key, Channel and Mode.

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PC Software Support

Our PC Software Support is a unique and affordable service model that meets all your PC software needs. Our computer support experts work efficiently on such an unending list of software through remote desktop sharing that you can get an answer to any of your software queries here. Our Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers provide tech support for every Microsoft Product with similar efficiency.

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