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Backup Services

With a rising number of threats and an intense competitive business landscape, it is becoming increasingly important that your organisation have the ability to withstand a disaster. Certain organisations also have implied legislative requirements to fulfil various disaster recovery and business continuity obligations often resulting in additional costs and complexities.

Disaster recovery involves a series of actions to be taken in the event of major unplanned outages to minimize their adverse effects. Disasters can result from events such as

  • Hacker attacksdisaster recovery
  • Computer viruses
  • Electric power failures
  • Underground cable cuts or failures
  • Fire, flood, earthquake, and other natural disasters at a facility
  • Mistakes in system administration

The related concept of business continuity involves insuring that an organization's critical business processes, including those utilizing IT systems, can be maintained in the event of a disaster.

With Progressive Communications, all your business information, software applications, hardware and data communications are stored and managed from our fully meshed, highly secure and fully redundant on site and off site backups. You can now benefit from enterprise grade Disaster Recovery services that otherwise might not have been affordable to you previously.

Disaster Recovery is all about planning and having a sound strategy for data protection. Our Disaster Recovery plan is relatively simple. Your data is stored within our Data Centres and we adhere to industry best practices for Disaster Recovery using the latest and most reliable technology, systems and procedures.

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